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What Paramore Did to Me at the Gas Station

OK, I admit it.

I’m one of the geeks who sings along at the pump when the music comes on over those loud speakers at the gas station – and it’s all Hayley Williams’ fault.

It may not stand a chart chance against Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” but Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” is the tune that’s popping up everywhere I am this summer – by the pool, in the grocery store, at work …

I can’t help myself, I love singing along to “Ain’t It Fun.”

Every year, there’s a summer song that grabs hold of me and won’t let go, and it usually catches me by surprise. I’ve heard the song many times in the months leading up to summer, but its qualities become magical when heard while holding an ice cream cone or cruising with the car windows down.

For me, the song of the summer has to meet the following criteria:

1) It’s released in winter but doesn’t hit its stride until mid-June

2) It produces an incredible desire to sing along

3) It has that “summer something” about it – either upbeat or melancholy

4) It makes me think of summer every time I hear it, forever after.

So, congrats, Paramore. You win. Ain’t It Fun?


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