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As further evidenced by the 2007 Brit Awards Concert for Diana, this song is completely of the non-sucking variety …

I’m losing credibility with each entry of my blog, but I have taken a poll on this one, and majority rules: even die-hard Clash fans love “Patience.”

Take That!

Who can resist Gary Barlow’s choir-boy voice? He is a pretty good melody writer, too. (Anyone who writes all his choruses in falsetto is decent, in my book.)

I know, I know, these men are too old to be wearing sheer shirts and tight pants, but, dude they can still lip-sync like crazy. (Actually, I think they were really singing last night at the Diana gig, albeit a little out of tune.)

For months now – ever since their appearance at the Brits – I have been hoping they would release “Patience” as a single in the US. All they need is to attach it to a movie soundtrack, and it could totally be a hit here.

But NO – we have to put up with crap like Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy (or as I like to say, Gross Out Boy). It’s hard to muster up nationalist pride for Independence Day this week when such pop music travesties are taking place right here in our own country.

Could iTunes at least have a little “Patience”? Geeeez.

Follow the international charts journey of “Patience” at


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