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It’s getting Vedder all the time …


I’ve never been a Pearl Jam fan per se, but I do respect them, and the Ved and I keep running into eachother backstage at various and sundry events over the years, and so when I saw him at the opening of the Atlanta Film Festival, I knew I wanted to ask him about his work on the Howard Zinn doc The People Speak. (That story’s forthcoming in November, and I’ll post a link to the interview then.) But what was more interesting was the conversation Eddie Vedder and I had when the mics were off … mostly about activism. I have to say, Ed’s a cool guy, and I look forward to hopefully working with him in some capacity in my role as a CARE volunteer one day. In the meantime, I wanted to post Angela Harvey’s pic of Vedder clapping for Zinn at the premiere (above) and a link to Ed’s Iconoclasts appearance, not to be missed. There’s bound to be more Vedder in the news, as Pearl Jam has been recording its latest album at Southern Tracks in town and Ed’s scheduled to play two dates at Cobb Energy Centre in June. Stay tuned for my Howard Zinn story later this fall. © 2009 Kristi York Wooten


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