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“I Have Had Singing”

Have you seen the Kleenex commercial where they interview people on the street and have them sit in the “let it out” chair and reveal what makes them emotional? Perhaps they need to film one of those commercials at a Furman Singers reunion concert! Not enough Kleenex to go around last Sunday …

I had planned to write at length about the impact of this past weekend on my life. But others have beat me to the punch (and with much more eloquence than I could have mustered), so I’ll just refer you to the wonderful words of my friend James Scott Marler (Class of 1990):

“Today is Wednesday..but my brain is still on Sunday afternoon…yes dear reader I am still spinning about the reunion there is so much more to “bleed out” before I can feel like I have my mind wrapped around it. Gosh you’d think I was in a car wreck…well it was a collision of feelings, relationships, music…no..not a collision. A wonderful stew. One of those dishes that gets better in the fridge (mind) for a few days. yum. Singers who were there, grab a spoon…

I now feel strong enough to share a dirty little secret:……….

The guy beside me in the choir (I don’t even remember his name) and I spread our fannies across three chairs so we wouldn’t feel too claustrophobic on our row.

Yes, I am so ashamed! Well, not really. Nobody seemed to care and he was a tall, big guy.

All you wiry people can roll your eyes (yes I was wiry once I know) but all I have to say is: have you sat in a coach seat on an airplane recently??? Can I get an AMEN???”

Now, go, you my friend, and let not your heart be troubled.


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