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Design is Human

Modern Atlanta‘s annual showcase has become my favorite event of the season. The starchitects! the DJs! the fundraisers! the homes! the designers! the artists! the furniture! It’s always a week of aspirational lifestyle promotion at its finest, and this year was no different.

I had the pleasure of participating in the MA-ology “Italian Style” party at White Provision both as a writer for The Atlantan (one of the sponsors) and as a CARE volunteer. Jeffrey‘s models put on a Marni fashion show in a multi-thousand-square-foot space dotted with Sacco “armchairs;” the walls were covered with the paintings of Marco Grassi – whose Milanese expressionist work I adore; and the well-mixed crowd was dressed for the occasion (thank God with not a single pair of khakis in sight).

I was inspired to shoot photos with my iPhone – and as you can see, it was all VERY 1980s Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes.

Atlanta will never be New York, and I don’t want it to be New York. But not even New York’s the same New York that it was back then. So, I’ll reflect on memories of those old club days – and celebrate the coolness of the now, too!

© 2009 Kristi York Wooten



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