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18 years of Franti

Michael Franti performs to an excited crowd at CARE's National Conference & Celebration on May 5, 2009. Copyright 2009 Amanda Lucidon/CARE

It all started in early 1992, when I interviewed Michael Franti about his forthcoming album with the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury, and I was awestruck by the song “Television,” a scathing commentary on commercialism and violence on TV in America. We conducted the interview in an office downtown (Manhattan), then on foot (headed toward an apartment), then at the apartment while he grabbed a satchel or something, and then on foot back to the office. (He liked walking, even then.) Mainly I remember the seriousness of Michael’s eyes and the conviction in his voice – not exactly “angry young man,” but intense enough!  Then came Spearhead in 1994, and Franti’s journey from a more aggressive, outspoken activist to the ringleader of the Power to the Peaceful concert and hero to hippies everywhere. But Spearhead’s music has always been good (their latest, All Rebel Rockers, has been in heavy rotation at my house for a year), Michael is cool, and I really enjoyed his dedication to the cause at CARE’s National Conference and Celebration. It makes a difference when a celeb puts his money where his mouth is, or in this case, puts his bare feet inside the Russell Senate Office Building.

Looking forward to the Spearhead and Counting Crows tour …

© 2009 Kristi York Wooten

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